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Steampunk Metronome

The Steampunk Metronome is free with in-app purchases.

The Widest Speed Range 1-1000

Your math metal masterpiece, jazz odyssey or just a Zeppelin tune like The Ocean will be in good hands with The Steampunk Metronome! Stop wasting time and download it now!

No adds! No Subscriptions! Free Updates! In-app purchases only $2.99!

The Only More Cowbell Toggle Switch In The Industry!!


No adds. No subscriptions. Free updates. In-app purchases only $2.99!

Gnome picture by Orpheus

Why is this mysterious mountain gnome holding a simple clock in one hand and a complicated one in the other? Because he brings you the Steampunk Metronome, two metronomes in one! The user-friendly Basic Met fits on one screen. It provides all regular metronome functions, an ample speed range of 1-1000, tap tempo and seven time signatures. The Prog Met gives you complete control over every bar! Choose any number of bars. Do whatever you want with them. It has an unprecedented speed range of 1-1000, the only More Cowbell toggle switch available to date in the industry and the ability to gradually morph tempos slower or faster over user defined durations of time. It also subdivides the beat, accents the beat, allows for any time signature and even lets you assign the subdivision to any pitch over a three octave range. It reads out the click in BPM, subdivision, and notes per second. How many can you play? And you can even save and recall your mixed meter click tracks. It automatically arranges them in alphabetical order by name. The gnome knows that some people just want a simple clock, and that others want much more.

The Progressive Metronome

Create and save customized mixed meter click tracks.


Tempo morph

Use the Progressive Metronome screens if you need more features. You can program amazing mixed meter click tracks with complete control of bar count and content. Tempo Morph mode allows even slowdowns and speedups over user defined time periods. These can be inserted anywhere in your custom click track or used separately to gradually speed up or slow down a practice exercise.


Unbeatable Range

Choose tempo and time signature for each bar. Subdivide the beat from 2-8 with assignable click or any pitch in a three octave range. The speed range is 1-1000. Save, name and recall click tracks. Loop your tracks or have it play once and then stop, or choose any number of repeats. Monitor you click track in play screen with old school analog metering for BPM, (beats per minute) NPS (notes per second) and subdivision value.


Home of the patented and trademarked Shredometer! Best speed range in the industry. The only More Cowbell toggle switch in the industry. Brought to you by Tobias Hurwitz. 

It all sounds great, but what does this App actually do?

This is the metronome you always wished for! It looks amazing and contains two metronomes in one app.

I’ve seen other Apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

The Basic Met is completely free, powerful, and yet so user friendly even a five year old can work it. Upgrade to The Prog Met for $2.99. Both have the unprecedented speed range of 1-1000. Both are included. The Prog Met puts you in complete control of every bar. 

How often are there updates to the App?

Frequently! We are always striving to provide the best user experience for our l0yal fans. Thanks for downloading!

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